Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SAIPAN: A Day at Micro Beach

I spent a Saturday at Micro beach, here in Saipan, a few weeks ago with a group of friends. It was supposed to be just another weekend of hanging out, b-b-q’ing, and playing softball, however, it was much more crowded than expected. There was a large family gathering, which looked like a birthday party, not too far from our group. Not too long after we arrived, their party started to die down. This meant we would have space to start playing a game of softball. Finally, they all left quickly and me and my two of my friends went over to collect some of the stuff they left since it was in the way for us to play.

We couldn’t believe how careless this group of people was. There was still a bunch of trash on the ground that included bottle caps, six pack rings, pieces of plastic, and trash bags. We also found a baby diaper lying right next to the trash can. We cleaned the place up, not because we wanted to start our softball game, but because we knew that if we didn’t clean up, something bad could happen- like the trashe could end up in the ocean, or animals, like birds, could mistakenly eat some of it thinking it is food. Luckily my friends are just as much concerned about things like this than I am. I remember how a conversation started because of this. We all started to talk about how some people can be negligent when it comes to littering. We got into how common littering around the islands has always been a problem and that it shouldn’t have to be a problem at all.

The moment people of the CNMI understand the importance of conservation is the moment things like littering in beaches will lessen and we will all be happy campers.

Posted by
David Sablan
12:19 pm
Monday, May 17, 2011
Location: Saipan, CNMI